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Marc Majcher
24 August
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I'm just this guy.
23, abandoned buildings, alan moore, angry lesbians, artificial life, astrophysics, atari, austin, bill hicks, blue things, bob dobbs, books, brains, buckaroo banzai, bushmills, caffeine, chaos theory, cheapass games, chewing on pens, chocolate, coffee, cognitive dissonance, complexity, computers, console games, conspiracy theories, cowboy bebop, cthulhu, cypherpunk, david lynch, discordianism, dreamcast, dry cereal, eating babies, emacs, eris, explodingdog, fart jokes, fibonacci numbers, film, fire, fnord, free speech, games, geeks, girls, guns, h.p. lovecraft, hating you, hedgehogs, hentai, high energy physics, illuminati, invader zim, involuntary time travel, irc, jamesons, jan svankmajer, jerkcity, john waters, jthm, jumping on the bed, justified ancients of mu-mu, killing the riaa, lain, leri, life-sized bread "companions", maker's mark, math, max headroom, meat, mocking twelve-steppers, monkeys, movies, napping, neal stephenson, nipples, obfuscation, pareidolia, penny arcade, perl, perverts, peter sellers, philip k. dick, phillip k. dick, photography, physics, pie, pr0n, retro-futurism, robert anton wilson, rudy rucker, salvador dali, science fiction, secret societies, settlers of catan, sharp things, shut the fuck up, slack, stealing cookies, surrealism, takashi miike, taoism, tentacle porn, tentacles, terry gilliam, the matrix, the singularity, they might be giants, toshiro mifune, tron, uncomfortable chuckles, unix, urban exploration, used book stores, vernor vinge, video games, walking on unused traintracks, wasting my life, webcomics, weirdos, welcoming our robot masters, whiskey, wigu, william gibson, zatoichi, zen, zombies, zork